At West Acton, the wellbeing of our pupils, staff and parents is very important to us. Here are some ways we are improving awareness and support for mental health in our school:

School Therapists

Mrs Emma Ahmad is our School Therapist, she is an Educational Psychologist.

She is in school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Mr Ayaz Akthar is our School Therapist, he is an Educational Psychologist.

He is in school on Friday.

They work relentlessly within the school to:

  • Provide everyone with a confidential space where thoughts and feelings can be explored - our pupil designed Safe TT Spot
  • Raise children’s self-esteem to help them to feel more confident and build positive relationships at home and at school
  • Offer practical and emotional support to families and carers helping them to better understand and communicate with their children
  • After referrals from staff and with parental consent run therapeutic groups and 1 to 1 sessions for pupils
  • Support staff to enable them to take care of themselves and support the pupils
  • Provide parents with a weekly tip on Friday's newsletter.


If you would like to contact Mrs Ahmad or Mr Akthar please email them via the Office on admin@west-acton.ealing.sch.uk 


Children's Mental Health Week

Every year we celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week during the start of February. There is  a different theme each year and we :

  • Have special assemblies
  • Looking at Zones of Regulation which gives us ideas about what to do when we feel different emotions
  • Looking at our 'Calm boxes' which are in each class and have a variety of resources in which we can use to help us feel calm and ready to focus
  • Have a whole school special event and workshop
  • Parent workshop on 'Keeping Safe online' 


Safe TT Spot

We have a pupil designed post box system where children can  confidentially complete a slip requesting to talk to Mrs Ahmad, if they are worried or sad. Boxes are placed around school and have useful information and books on display too.

Autism Awareness Week

West Acton prides itself on being an inclusive school. Every year we have an Autism Awareness Week where pupils learn to understand the things that people with autism are good at and what they find difficult such as social skills. This helps pupils to work with and support their friends, siblings and family members who have autism.


Calm Boxes

Each classroom has a calm box which contains a range of objects to help a child to calm themselves if they are anxious, angry, scared or just need a minute to think.

Pupils can ask to use the calm box when they feel the need.


Mental Health Support Organisations (click below image)

Reading Well Booklists



Guide to Key Family Support