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West Acton Primary School, Noel Road, London W3 0JL


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School Dinners


Many children have a hot school meal, prepared from fresh ingredients daily by cooks from ISS Catering,  our school caterers, in the school kitchen. We encourage all children to have a hot school meal. Meals are planned around a three week menu cycle, meeting all government dietary requirements for schools.    

Children can take any meal for any number of days with no pre-booking or notice period.  Mix and match hot school meals and packed lunches to suit your child’s food tastes. Meals are served and eaten in the Main Hall.  Children eat together with their friends.

 Please ensure that you either pay for school meals in advance or have a current claim for Free School Meals.

Click here to apply directly to Ealing Council to see if your children are eligible for Free School Meals 

We are under no obligation to serve a hot meal to a child unless an account is in credit or there is a current Free School Meal claim. To pay for school meals click here

Take a look at our current menu below.

New Menu from 17th April 2023




Please note that we DO NOT serve Beef here, so all beef items listed on the menu will be replaced with Lamb