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Curriculum Maps

Learning objectives for each subject by term through out the school year.
A hard copy of the curriculum maps are available on request from the school office. 

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Years 5 & 6 Spelling List
Children are expected to know how to spell all of these words by the end of Year 6.

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Key texts that we are using in our English lessons

Please click on each book to see what we will be learning and how you can support your child.


There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

There's a Boy in the
Girls' Bathroom

Goodnight Mr Tom

Goodnight Mister Tom




The Adventure of Odysseus

The Adventures of Odysseus


A Caribbean Dozen

A Caribbean Dozen


Click on the subjects below to reveal links to support classroom learning in each of the units covered this year:

Autumn 1 - Printing
Printmaking (BBC Bitesize)

Autumn 2 - Painting
Painting (Espresso)
Painting Portaits (Espresso)
Painting (BBC Bitesize)

Spring 1 - 3D Sculpture
Sculpture (BBC Bitesize)
Exploring Sculpture (Espresso)

Spring 2 - Drawing
Drawing (BBC Bitesize)

Summer 1 - Food
Food and Farming (Espresso)
Food (BBC Bitesize)

Summer 2Construction
Exploring Buildings (Espresso)
2Design and Make (Purple Mash)
Materials (BBC Bitesize)

Autumn 1 (History) - World War II
Second World War (Espresso)
World War II (Purple Mash)
World War 2 (BBC Bitesize)

Autumn 2 (Geography) - Global Warming & Climate change: Protecting the Environment
Going Green (Espresso)
Sustainability (Espresso)
Sustainability and Plastics (BBC Bitesize)
Natural Resources (BBC Bitesize)
The Environment (Purple Mash)

Spring 1 (History) - Ancient Greece
Greeks (Espresso)
Ancient Greeks (Purple Mash)
Ancient Greece (BBC Bitesize)

Spring 2 (Georgraphy) - Our World in the Future
Going Green (Espresso)
Sustainability (Espresso)
Sustainability and Plastics (BBC Bitesize)
Natural Resources (BBC Bitesize)
The Environment (Purple Mash)

Summer 1 (Geography) - Journeys: Where does our stuff come from?
Harvest and Food (Espresso)
Sustainability (Espresso)
Fair Trade (Purple Mash)
The Environment (Purple Mash)
Trade (BBC Bitesize)
Economic Activity (BBC Bitesize)

Summer 2 (History) - History of me and my family and my time at West Acton
Local Area Study (Purple Mash)
Local History (BBC Bitesize)

Autumn - Health and Wellbeing
Health and Fitness (Espresso)
Keeping Healthy (Espresso)
Conflict (Purple Mash)
Anti-Bullying Week (Purple Mash)
Health and Safety (BBC Bitesize)

Spring - Living in the Wider World
Digital Literacy (Espresso)
Bristol is for me (Espresso)
Community (BBC Bitesize)

Summer - Relationships
Coping with change (Espresso)
Families (Espresso)
Good friend (Purple Mash)
Relationships (BBC Bitesize)
Moving On (Espresso)
PANTS: The Underwear Rule (NSPCC)


Autumn - Judaism
Judaism (Espresso)
Judaism (Purple Mash)
Judaism (BBC Bitesize)

Spring 1 - UK Beliefs
Ages of Treasure Timeline (bbc
Dig up the Past (bbc.co.uk)
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial (youtube.com)
A Passage to the Underworld (knowth.com)
Folkton Barrow (stone-circles.org)
Roman Collection (museumoflondon.org)
Roman Religion (BBC Bitesize)
The History of the Gospels (bbc.co.uk)

Spring 2 - Morals
Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket (y
Wateraid (wateaid.org)
Spiderman - Great Power, Great Responsibility (youtube.com)
The unsung heroes of the refugee crisis (aljazeera.org)
Lady Justice, Frankfurt (layover.com)
Oxfam (oxfam.org)
Fairtrade (fairtrade.org)
Unicef (unicef.org)

Summer 1 - Worship
Worship in the Mandir (Espresso)
Worship in the Gurdwara (Espresso)
Worship in the Mosque (Espresso)
Worship through Music and Dance (Espresso)
Worship in a Buddhist Temple (Espresso)
Worship in a Christian Church (Espresso)

Summer 2Religious Buildings
Faiths (Espresso)

Autumn - Animals including Humans
Bodies (Espresso)

Eating, Moving and Growing (Espresso)
The Human Body (Purple Mash)
Health and Growth (Purple Mash)
Skeletons and muscles (BBC Bitesize)
Digestive System (BBC Bitesize)

Spring 1 - Evolution and Inheritance
Evolution (Espresso)
Evolution (Purple Mash)
Adaptation, inheritance and evolution (BBC Bitesize)

Spring 2 - Light
Light and Shadows (Espresso)
Light and Dark (BBC Bitesize)
Light and Dark (Purple Mash)

Summer 1 - Living Things and their Habitats
Classification (Espresso)
Habitats (Espresso)
Life Cycles (Espresso)
The Environment
(Purple Mash)
Animals (Purple Mash)
Food Chains and Habitats (BBC Bitesize)
Humans and the Environment (BBC Bitesize)

Summer 2 - Electricity
Electricity (Espresso)
Electricity (Purple Mash)
Electricity and Conductors (BBC Bitesize)
Circuits (BBC Bitesize)