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Year 1 notice board

The below link is to be used by children who are self isolating whilst their year group bubble is still attending school.

Year 1 Blended Learning File


The below link is to be used during any school closures or isolation periods to access Year 1 Remote Learning.

Year 1 Microsoft Teams Wall

Curriculum Maps

Learning objectives for each subject by term through out the school year.
A hard copy of the curriculum maps are available on request from the school office. 

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

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Y1 Table

YEAR GROUP NEWSletters and events

Latest Newsletters

Links to whole school letters, events, term dates and school holidays:
Other Letters to Parents
Term Dates


Year 1 Spelling List
Children are expected to know how to spell all of these words by the end of Year 1.

Year 1 Non-negotiable Writing Criteria
Children are expected to include these features across a variety of different pieces of writing.

Online Learning
Details of our online learning resources and where to request login details.

Activity Passport
How many of the Year 1 experiences have you completed?

Phonics sheets
Sets 2, 3 and 4

Key texts that we are using in our English lessons

Please click on each book to see what we will be learning and how you can support your child.


The Tiger who came to tea 
The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Peace at Last
Peace at Last

One Day on our Blue Planet

One Day on our Blue Planet

Solomon Crocodile

Solomon Crocodile


Little Red

Little Red

The Lonely Beast

The Lonely Beast






 The Night Pirates

The Night Pirates



Click on the subjects below to reveal links to support classroom learning in each of the units covered this year:

Painting Pictures (Espresso)
How to Paint (Espresso)
Painting (BBC Bitesize)

Collage (BBC Bitesize)

3D Sculpture
Sculpture (BBC Bitesize)
What is sculpture? (Espresso)

Drawing (BBC Bitesize)

Finding out about food (Espresso)
Food (BBC Bitesize)

Autumn 1 (Geography) - Local Area Acton
Our journey to school (Espresso)
Places we like to visit (Espresso)
People in our local area (Espresso)
Local Area Study (Purple Mash)

Autumn 2 (History) - My Family
Toys (Espresso)

Spring 1 (Geography) - London and UK
Interactive Map (Espresso)
All About London (Purple Mash)
London Attractions (Purple Mash)
Let's Explore the UK (BBC Bitesize)

Spring 2 (History)Famous Explorers
Explorers (BBC Bitesize)

Summer 1 (History) - Flight
Old and New Transport (Purple Mash)

Summer 2 (Geography) - Going Places
Journey to the Coast (Espresso)
Coasts (Purple Mash)

Autumn - Health and Wellbeing
Health and Fitness (Espresso)
Keeping Healthy (Espresso)
Safe (BBC Bitesize)
Health and Safety (BBC Bitesize)
Anti-Bullying Week (Purple Mash)
Positive Emotions (Purple Mash)
Negative Emotions (Purple Mash)

Spring - Living in the Wider World
Keeping Safe (Purple Mash)
Team Marathon (Espresso)

Summer - Relationships
Coping with Change (Espresso)
Relationships (BBC Bitesize)
My Family (Purple Mash)
Good Friend (Purple Mash)

Autumn - Animals including Humans
About Me (Purple Mash)
Animals (Purple Mash)
Animals (Espresso)

Spring - Everyday Materials
Materials (Purple Mash)
Materials (Espresso)

Summer - Plants
Plants (Purple 
Plants (Espresso)