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For the summer break we have saved down some additional resources that you may find useful.  Please note that the use of these resources is optional.

Thank you to everyone who sent in work, completed work and sent us messages during the school closure. As you are aware, Primary Schools were not expected to provide live lessons or remotely teach a whole school; we tried our best to reach as many different families and children in different ways. In the future areas, schools, year groups, classes or individuals will go into ‘localised lock lown’ and we will want to be able to support everyone as much as possible. To enable us to do so as effectively as possible, please could you answer the following questions.

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During the school closure, we provided access to activities and simple lessons online that will continue to be available throughout the summer but daily resources will no longer be uploaded.  


West Acton subscribes to several high quality online resources for which a login is needed.  During parents' evening in October and February we show these resources.

General Resources for a variety of curriculum areas

Purple Mash

Purple Mash brings the whole curriculum to life with creative programs that support maths and English as well as science, art, history and more.


Espresso's rich, all-in-one learning service offers a wide range of subjects mapped to the curriculum. The service includes videos, worksheets, games and quizzes all easily searchable by subject or objective.



London Grid for Learning (LGfL) provides a huge range of resources for pupil, parent and staff use.

         Busy Thingsj2eMaths at home


Maths Resources
For additional resources and more information on the teaching of maths at the school, please click here.

Reading Resources
For more information on the teaching of English at the school, please click here.


Home Learning


Children’s work at home significantly contributes to their achievement in school. When we work together to support learning it will have a measurable and lasting effect on your child’s achievement.

There are many benefits to homework, and as parents you will be more aware of the curriculum expectations and what your child is learning. Your children will benefit from working with you and feel proud to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.


Minimum Homework Expectations

Pupils should read daily 

Practise their times tables in the booklet given in Autumn.

Practise the year groups spellings in the booklet given in Autumn.

Work regularly from the CPG books given in February

Work regularly from the Handwriting book given in April

Learn their weekly spellings for a test

Take part in the Half Termly homework projects

Learn online with Espresso and Times Tables Rockstars.