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West Acton Primary School, Noel Road, London W3 0JL


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I have lived in Acton for over 20 years and following my recent retirement I have decided to give back to the community and am delighted to be a governor of West Acton Primary School where my children attended.

 My career is divided into two parts. My first was in the development of creative ideas, interpreting ethnographic cultures  and project management in major cultural institutions.       In 1994 I decided to embark on a new career in working with families and groups and held various posts in the voluntary and statutory sectors. From 2000 I worked in the NHS in a community based in south London where I worked with families in primary and secondary schools to whom we provided mental health support.

 I have been responsible for family therapy trainings at different levels (foundation, intermediate, qualifying) since  2006 and worked with the professional body, the Association for Family Therapy (AFT) and the academic body, the University of Essex, to ensure professional standards. I have an interest in research and supervise students with their research projects and gained my doctorate in 2017. I am a member of the Black African Asian Therapy Network and have an interest in and commitment to diversity in family therapy trainings.


Amin Dawuda

I have had a longstanding ambition to join a school governing board in my local area but have previously felt unable to commit the time. This was primarily due to my working career and raising a family. I have worked in the City for over 20 years at a FTSE 100 company in senior leadership roles focused on technology and operations. However, I have recently started a new role as a consultant and with my kids now at secondary school I feel more able to contribute. I have been a local resident for 22 years and also volunteer as the coach of the Acton Ealing Whistlers Football Club Under 14s.  For me, this is about giving back to the community and using my experience and skills wherever needed to help the school meet its strategic goals.  I am keen to support West Acton Primary School and help the Board of Governors meet their important remit.‚Äč


 Dr Katerina Markezini

Being a University Lecturer for two decades I have acquired an academic acumen that would enable me to contribute to WAPS’s academic progress. My educational background, accredited with Ph.D in Bioethics, MSc in Marketing, BA in Philosophy-Pedagogy- Psychology, served as a foundation for my academic career of developing and motivating young people, whose interests have always been my primary concern. Furthermore, as an “Academic Coordinator” for a decade, a leadership role in the Open University, I implemented and developed the leadership skills of  the strategic and financial planning that would be critical within the context of the governing body functions.   I am also a Principal Consultant Trainer and a Certified Coach collaborating with the leadership team of  global  organizations across industries  on strategic and peoples’ development projects. Therefore, my strong educational and business acumen ensures my accountability as a  Governor and an effective collaboration with the governing body to maximize WAPS’s academic performance.

As a parent of two children ingrained within the WAPS community and always motivated by and implemented the principles of volunteering, fair access to education and capability development, I am committed to contribute to the continuous development of the school and the fulfilment of our students’ ambitions.


William Rollason

I am a qualified chartered accountant and have worked in industry my whole professional career for a range of businesses from small privately owned ones to large quoted companies. I want to give that knowledge and experience back to the community by becoming a governor of a local primary school so that we can start to build knowledge and experience from the earliest possible age.  I will be able to contribute to the financial aspects of the school and mentor the senior leadership team so that they can continue to perform at the highest level.  This will ensure that all the pupils will achieve the maximum they can through an all round education.


Mel Rosenblatt

I have been a secondary school teacher for twenty seven years and have always been committed to comprehensive schools, driven by a passion to ensure that all students have access to high quality education.  As a teacher I recognise the importance of modelling learning inside and outside of the classroom leading me to complete a Master Degree in Effective Learning and a National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders.  I have been a senior leader in a West London Secondary School for seventeen years and have worked as a consultant for Ealing Local Authority supporting the development of careers provision across a range of mainstream and special schools.  As a mother of two boys in Years 5 and Year 7, I am increasingly aware of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure students have a smooth transition from one phase of their education to the next.  I am enthusiastic about working as a governor at West Acton Primary to ensure that all students have the best possible education that enables them to succeed in secondary school and beyond.



I and my wife have two children at WAPS in year 4 and in year 6.  We moved to Ealing at Easter of 2020 from the Isle of Man relocating for new jobs. I have taught in secondary schools for 18 years and I am currently the Head of Science at Ealing Independent College.  My hobbies include Sailing, Swimming, Cycling, Running, Basketball and Music (Violin, Guitar and Piano). I look forward to working with Ms Kondo and the other school governors to maintain and improve excellent standards of pastoral and academic education.

Tristian Tuen Matthews

I grew up in East Sussex and attended The Skinners’ School in Kent. I moved to London to study Chemistry and Mathematics at University College London and I have been here ever since! After leaving university I jumped straight in to teaching, taking up a role at an independent school in South-East London and completing my PGCE through the University of Buckingham. After working there for three years undertaking a variety of different leadership roles, including creating and running the Computing department, I recently became Head of Chemistry at a grammar school in Buckinghamshire. I am incredibly passionate about education and this led to me to seek out opportunities beyond my profession to support and contribute to a local school. I am delighted that I have the opportunity to do so at West Acton Primary School. I have lived in many different parts of London, but I have found that West London makes me feel the most at home and my partner and I are now settled near Ravenscourt Park. Outside of work we enjoy travelling to destinations near and far, cycling and cooking.