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At West Acton we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and wellbeing.

Taking part in PE and School Sport has significant benefits for all our students. It helps our students to become more active and healthy, and can play a vital role in developing young people’s confidence and self-esteem, help to develop team work and wider social and personal skills.

At West Acton we are working with the very supportive Featherstone Sports Partnership to ensure our PE programme maximises opportunities for all our students to access high-quality PE and school sport. All of our students take part in a varied curriculum PE (this includes swimming in Years 3 and 4) and have opportunities to take part in a further hour of high quality PE and school sport.

As PE is a statutory subject all students are required to have and change into and out of a PE kit before and after their lessons or club.


At West Acton we strive to ensure that all pupils have access to high quality physical education (PE) curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in sports, physical activity and wider health and well-being activities beyond the curriculum.  Our PE curriculum is designed to ensure all pupils have access to 60 minutes of physical activity every day and participate in over 2 hours of PE, Sport, physical activity and well-being activities each week. 

We are committed to developing our pupils to have the confidence and capability to perform to the best of their ability across our PE curriculum raising physical literacy for all and fundamentally ensuring our curriculum is fun and inspiring. We believe that physical education helps foster teamwork, communication and social skills as well as being a vital part of promoting lifelong physical activity.

Statutory Requirements

We follow the National Curriculum and assess using the National Curriculum level descriptions.

In line with the national curriculum for physical education here at West Acton we aim to ensure all pupils:
- Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
- Are physically active for sustained periods of time
- Engage in competitive sports and activities
- Lead healthy, active lives

At the end of every key stage, pupils will understand how to apply and understand the matters, skills and techniques relevant to the topics being learnt each term.

Aims and Objectives for the Development of P.E.

At West Acton we aim to:
- produce confident and capable dancers, gymnasts and sportspeople
- produce sportspeople who can work as part of a team
- promote a healthy lifestyle and the role sport and exercise in keeping fit and healthy
- produce sportspeople who are multi-skilled


All pupils receive lessons on dance, gymnastics and games linked to core areas of national curriculum – Please refer to school PE Curriculum map


Progression is evident through the range of skills taught and the number elements combined to make a sequence. All pupils have experience of moving to different types of music.


Progression is evident through the range of skills taught and the number elements combined to make a sequence.


Progression is evident through the range of skills taught as well as the types of games taught. All pupils have experience of playing different types of games, working as part of team and lessons involving multi skills.


West Acton are committed to ensuring the following for all pupils:

  • Access to broad range of physical activities everyday minimum 30 minutes physical activity (zoned lunchtime activities daily, before and after school fitness clubs, Extra-curricular clubs, Active champions and daily mile)

  • Access to a wide range of extra-curricular sports and activities clubs weekly

  • Well-being days where pupils have the opportunity to participate in yoga, Thai-chi and relaxation sessions

  • Weekly participation in specialist PE lessons meeting national curriculum requirements

  • Access to local event and community competitions

  • Fully inclusive lessons for all pupils that promote physical activity and develops confidence and passion for being active.

Partnership with Parents and Local Community

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s education in all subjects and are invited to curriculum events. They are also welcome to attend any sports competitions that their child is participating in.

We have strong links with a local secondary school providing enrichment activities for pupils We believe our strong relationship with local schools enables our pupils to benefit from a wide range of resources as well as have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a more challenging environment.

We compete in many competitions against local schools, enabling the pupils to socialise and interact with different children as well as building on their team work skills. Through competitions, West Acton has also made many links with other schools from the local community which has enabled us to organise community sport events as well as events involving other curriculum areas.

Equal Opportunity

We aim to provide a curriculum that all pupils can access. This means personalising and adapting our practice to target the needs of our pupils, setting individual targets where appropriate and valuing the diverse experiences that our pupils bring to school. It also includes providing specialised resources where appropriate.

Gender and race issues are examined and discussed to provide a suitable curriculum.

We have high expectations of all our children and aim to overcome any potential barriers to their learning.

For further information please refer to the Equal Opportunities Policy

Special Educational Needs

We aim to meet the individual needs of all our pupils; some pupils require a more personalised approach to access the curriculum and this is fully discussed with parents. Decisions about support and personalised learning are made in consultation with parents.

If pupils fail to make progress or has difficulty in this subject the class teacher discusses this with relevant staff. This may lead to discussions taking place with the SENCO and the class teacher, and decisions made re support.

Discussions could lead to:
- support during lessons from a TA
- individual targets set
- teacher focus within the lesson

If pupils are exceeding the levels expected for a particular age group the class teacher discusses this with relevant staff. This may lead to discussions re personalised provision.

Discussions could lead to:
- selection for the Gifted and Talented P.E. group
- participation in projects aimed at challenging high achievers
- participation in competitions against other local schools or Gifted and Talented pupils
- teacher focus within the lesson

An individual action plan (IEP) is written for pupils identified as having special educational needs by the SENCO in consultation with parents, appropriate LSAs and the class teacher where appropriate. The IEPs give individual targets to enable pupils to progress and achieve their full potential. These IEPs are regularly reviewed and support planning, teaching and learning.

For further information please refer to the Special Educational Needs Policy

Cultural Capital

At West Acton, we aim to provide our children with the courage, skills, aptitude and confidence to enable them to responsible citizens within their communities.  Through developing children in PE and health and wellbeing knowledge they will be able to lead healthy and active lives creating a positive impact on the society within which they live.

As part our PE curriculum all pupils will develop 20 fundamental skills helping to develop their physical literacy, decision/performance skills, physical health and wellbeing developing their self-confidence, enjoyment and engagement.

Developing West Acton Pupils in PE

Developing WA PE

Here at West Acton we strive to encourage our children to reinforce their learning at home with family and friends sharing their knowledge of the benefits of being healthy and active creating more active people within communities.

PE Curriculum Map