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Dropping children to School Via Car

28 September 2018 (by admin)

Important message from the Head regarding parent/ carers dropping off and collecting from school via Car

I am very concerned at the dangerous driving practices around the school at drop off in the mornings. I know the start and end of the school day can be hectic for parents and finding parking can be a challenge, but we cannot tolerate unsafe and illegal traffic behaviour such as stopping your car on the Zebra crossing to let your child get out of the car. 


It is imperative that when parents drop off their children they demonstrate due care and attention and do not put their own and other children at risk.


Despite polite requests in the newsletters last year, I have been contacted by parents and our lollipop lady about inconsiderate parking and dangerous driving –a child was injured last year due to this.


This is a serious matter as it could lead to an injury, or worse, if not dealt with. The parking restrictions on the road surrounding the school are there for a reason and form a vital tool in the safeguarding of both children and their families travelling to and from school.  I will be contacting the local neighbourhood Police officers for their advice, although we already employ our own lollipop lady and our site staff also assist. This is not always an easy task and I would ask that you treat all our staff with respect - if you are asked to move please do so. This also applies if our staff ask your child to dismount their scooter or bike. We will also speak to suppliers who send delivery vans to us in the mornings- please do let us know of any trade vehicles which are not driving safely.


I know that many of you will read this and be shocked and disheartened, as you always park appropriately and with consideration for others. If you do witness any actions outside school that concern you, I suggest that you report it to the police using the 101 number, as well as informing us.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Karen Kondo, Head teacher

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