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School Priorities 2022 - 2023



Objective 1: Attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths results in Y2 and Y6 and RWM results combined of CORE pupils, at both the expected level and greater depth, will be within 5% of the 2022 national average. Pupils new to West Acton will  be monitored to ensure they are also making at least expected progress.

Objective 2: Ensure all pupils needs are met in a cost effective way for pupils and the school by reviewing the SEND Register and make accurate with a plan

Objective 3: Improve the attendance of PA pupils at WAPS this academic year, where possible, for pupils under 70% increase to 85%+ and for under 70% to 80% increase to 90% and those at 80% to 90% should be at the expected 96% - show strategies, intervention and support given.


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