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Covid-19 2019/20

Home Learning File

Please click the below link to access the home learning files for the 2019/20 school closure.


Summer Learning File


For the summer break we saved down some additional resources that you may have found useful.  Please note that the use of these resources is optional.

Online Learning Survey

Thank you to everyone who sent in work, completed work and sent us messages during the school closure. As you are aware, Primary Schools were not expected to provide live lessons or remotely teach a whole school; we tried our best to reach as many different families and children in different ways. In the future areas, schools, year groups, classes or individuals will go into ‘localised lock lown’ and we will want to be able to support everyone as much as possible. To enable us to do so as effectively as possible, please could you answer the following questions.

Microsoft Teams

During the 2019/20 school closure, we used Microsoft Teams to offer live video chats and had an interactive wall to chat with teachers directly each day.  Please watch the video below to check that you are familiar with using Microsoft Teams in the event of another closure.

West Acton Video Extras (WAVE)

During the closure we started our YouTube channel and uploaded videos from teachers showing you what we had been doing during the school closure.  Click the link below to see what we did: