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Visible Learning

Visible Learning at West Acton Primary SchoolVisible Learning Plus

In September 2015 we embarked on a two year Visible Learning project delivered by Osiris Educational in conjunction with three other local primary schools. The programme is based on the work of Professor John Hattie and his research into the attributes of a schooling that truly make a difference for student learning.

The ‘visible’ refers to a few things. First, it refers to making student learning visible to teachers so they can know whether they are having an impact on this learning. Further, it also refers to making teaching visible to the student as well so that students learn to become their own teachers, an important component of becoming lifelong learners – something we want students to value. The ‘learning’ part of visible learning is the need to think of teaching with learning in the forefront and with the idea that we should consider teaching primarily in terms of its impact on student learning.

Through the project we will be exploring how evidence can be used to show what works best to raise pupil achievement. We will focus on developing a shared language of learning in consultation with all stakeholders that will be used to talk about learning dispositions as well as the learning process.  We are developing feedback into more of a dialogue between teachers and pupils, but also amongst pupils themselves. Through this we will be focusing on pupils being able to respond confidently to the feedback they are given in order to move their learning forward. We are also developing 'assessment capable learners' which means pupils will have a deeper understanding of where they are now, where they are going and how they will know when they have got there.