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West Acton Primary School, Noel Road, London W3 0JL


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At West Acton Primary School, we believe in working closely with parents and carers to manage behaviour in a positive and productive manner.

All pupils are expected to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and to others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times. The emphasis lies in positive reinforcement, rewards and praise rather than on sanctions and punishments. Setting and expecting high standards of behaviour, courtesy and mutual respect is our aim.

All staff in school are responsible for following the school behaviour policy. Every member of staff is responsible for the behaviour of every child in the school. It is a consistent and coherent approach that will support the children’s development in all social and behavioural issues. This means communicating positively to reinforce good behaviour for all children around and about the school as well as in the classroom.

We aim for the best for our children.


Rules are written in a positive way and are fair. Children and adults have ownership of the rules.  Children and adults are in constant discussion over what is written and what the rules mean to them.

The school has 6 Golden Rules:

  1. We are gentle
  2. We are kind and helpful
  3. We listen
  4. We are honest
  5. We work hard
  6. We look after property



The whole school community has also created a set of values that everyone follows: COURAGE, CONSIDERATION and COLLABORATION.

The school operates  the 'It's Good to be Green' behaviour management system in each class. 

Every child has 3 cards behind their name which are used alongside positive reinforcement of the ‘Golden Rules’.

1) Green Card

The majority of children will have a green card displayed by their name. This is because they have been following the rules consistently.

2) Yellow Card

Occasionally children will need a reminder of behaviour expectations in school. If a child needs reminding twice of our expectations their card will be changed to yellow and this acts as a warning. If a child demonstrates that they can follow the Golden Rules they can go back to a green card.

3) Red Card

If a child continues not to follow the Golden Rules (after two reminders and a yellow warning card), they will be requested to change their card to red. There will be rare occasions where a child’s behaviour will take them straight to red e.g. physical fighting and verbal abuse. Once a child receives a red card, they will be asked to go to the 'responsible thinking room' at lunch time to reflect on their behaviour choices.

If a child continues to receive red cards, the class teacher will contact the parents and arrange a meeting to discuss an appropriate strategy to address any concerns.

Children return to green each day, allowing them to begin each day on a positive note.



Children work hard and consistently at West Acton. Teachers and staff model good behaviour throughout the school. The school focuses on positive reinforcement through house points, certificates, stickers, celebration assemblies, Head Teacher Awards, to name a few. Children get a chance to celebrate their work and achievements, resulting in positive attitudes to work and school. Additionally, students are encouraged to take part in local and national competitions creating a wider sense of achievement.

School Houses

All children are put in a school house upon enrolment. The school has four houses Osterley (Red), Chiswick (Green), Syon (Blue) and Pitshanger (Yellow). Children collaborate on a range of activities throughout the year including Sports Day, penny lines and Walk to School Week.


Our Behaviour Policy is written in order to inform all members of our school community of our common vision and model of good behaviour, and to provide guidance about how to achieve this vision through the use of consistent agreed strategies.