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Year 6 Notice board

Curriculum Maps

Information about what the children will be learning throughout the school year.

A hard copy of the curriculum maps are available on request from the school office.




Class Homework Library PE
Lime Wednesday Friday Tuesday
Tamarind Wednesday Friday Tuesday
Zaytouna Wednesday Friday Tuesday

calendar of events





 Please see the school Term dates and/ or the school Calendar for remaining school events and closure days. 



Spelling and Grammar Practice Tests                  SATs revision resources 



The three books year 6 will be reading

  and  and 


Spelling Lists:

First 100 words: Moon

First 200 words: Mars

Stage 1: Neptune

Stage 2: Venus

Stage 3: Saturn

Stage 4: Jupiter

Stage 5: Universe Explorer



London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Maths resources can be accessed at www.maths.lgfl.net

Resources can be accessed out of school by students using their individual LGfL USO (Unified Sign On) username and password that are both provided in school.





Busy Things

Lots of games and activities for children in EYFS to Year 6

Just2easy software

In the infant toolkit, use Pictogram & Chart for data handling.

KS2 Databases provide more complex data handling tools.


Maths at Home

Lots of videos designed to aid parental engagement.  The videos explain maths concepts as they are taught.


Maths ToolKit

Allows pupils to create 2-D geometric objects such as quadrilaterals, circles, triangles, lines, arcs, ray segments and vectors on a co-ordinate grid of a specified scale.





Maths Raps

A series of rap videos from BEAM covering basic rules for KS2 numeracy on Numbers, Calculations, Shape, Space and Solving.  A fun aid to learning.


Weather Stations

Access and analyse live weather data from weather stations all over London and the UK. 


J2code Visual

Use visual coding blocks in J2Code Visual.  Program sprites to move according to co-ordinates.


J2code LOGO

Use LOGO programming language to draw mathematical shapes.  Explore the mathemagics involved with patterns that show rotational symmetry.







Search & Rescue

Combine Maths in a real life context RNLI Search & Rescue.  How many lifeboats needed to rescue x people at sea.  Calculate bearings, helicopter fuel, range, time taken at certain speed etc.


Maths in the Real World

Aimed at Year 6, the real-world topics covered in this resource are:

  • Algorithms
  • Arena and Events
  • Nutrition
  • Round the World
  • Speed Camera Investigation
  • Sporting Decisions






information coming soon