A welcoming community, growing and learning together.

West Acton Primary School, Noel Road, London W3 0JL


0208 992 3144



Teaching Staff 2022 - 2023


Miss Kondo

Head Teacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Member of School  Phonics and Reading Team, MFL Leader

Miss Sanusi

Deputy Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Humble

Assistant Head Teacher 
Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Maths and PE Leader

Ms Lucas SEND CO- Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-Ordinator
Miss Leonard The Woodlands (ARP)  Elm Class Teacher and  ARP Leader, Club leader
Miss Salah The Woodlands (ARP) Birch Class Teacher


Miss Birch Acorn Teacher (Nursery)
Mrs Tawia Olive Class Teacher & Reception Year Group Leader
Mrs Edmondson Banyan Class Teacher
Miss Bolaji Fir Class Teacher
Mrs Livingstone Guava Class Teacher & Year 1 Year Group Leader, Leader of School  Phonics and Reading Team
Mrs Hilfawi and Miss Jiggins Katsura Class Teachers
Miss Mohamud Ash Class Teacher
Miss Dyer Damson Class Teacher & Year 2 Year Group Leader, Social Media and School IT Leader
Miss Wharton Juniper Class Teacher, Active Travel Leader, Art and Design & Design Technology Leader
Miss Lee Chestnut Class Teacher,  Science Leader KS1 & EYFS
Mrs Campbell Rowan Class Teacher & Year 3 Year Group Leader, Leader of School Phonics and Reading Team
Miss James Holly Class Teacher, RE Leader
Miss Habib-Riley Ivy Class Teacher
Miss Murphy Mulberry Class Teacher & Year 4 Year Group Leader, Eco Schools Leader
Mr Mooney Pine Class Teacher
Mr Heshmat Sycamore Class Teacher
Mr Prothero Quince Class Teacher & Year 5 Year Group Leader, Music Leader
Miss Bantleman Willow Class Teacher , Computing Leader
Mrs Collins Elder Class Teacher, Science Leader KS2
Miss Ferreira Zaytouna Class Teacher & Year 6 Year Group Leader, PSHE Leader
Mr McKay Tamarind Class Teacher, Humanities Leader
Mr Sivanathan Lime Class Teacher, Maths Leader
Mr Gallagher Sports Coach
Miss Avlianos and Miss Ramshaw Music Teacher
Senora Marquez-Garcia Spanish Teacher


Support Staff

Miss Arribas The Woodlands SEND, Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Miss Ramm The Woodlands SEND Teaching Assistant 
Mr Mauricio The Woodlands SEND Teaching Assistant 
Miss Omer The Woodlands SEND Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Iacurci Nursery, Higher Level Nursery Nurse
Mrs Shah Nursery, Nursery Nurse
Mrs Chohan SEND/Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Iwanczuk

Mrs Hurst

Teaching Assistant 

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Tallon Teaching Assistant 
Miss Slezak Teaching Assistant 
Miss Furlonge-Kelly Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Finn Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Visawadia Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Williams The Woodlands SEND Teaching Assistant 
Miss Grizzle SEND Teaching Assistant 
Miss Taylor The Woodlands SEND Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Pramrajeenath

SEND Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Ahmad School Therapist
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)


Administration Staff

Mrs Byrne Office and HR Manager
Miss Montgomery Finance Officer 
Ms Ghaderi Attendance & Transitions Officer
Miss Ferguson Administrative Assistant


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Jadunath Mrs Tehrani
Mrs Chan Mrs Moran
Mrs Abdi Miss Sokolinska
Mrs Khammel Miss Jalali
Mrs Duberry

Mrs Sidhu





Premises Staff

Mr Bakhovskiy Site and Facilities Manager
Mr Tomasiak Caretaker
Mrs Urban Cleaner
Mrs Abdi Cleaner